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At Crescent Coffee, we specialize in a variety of roasts that use top-quality, single-origin beans; we guarantee freshness to help you master your morning with the perfect start.

We Believe In Coffee That Tastes Incredible

Our dedication to providing coffee that tastes and makes you feel good is seen throughout our entire process. From picking the perfect beans to hand-roasting, and finally, packaging, we strive for perfection in every cup.


Our dark roast, Etna, hails from Honduras. With a sweet, caramelly aroma and a medium body, you’ll taste hints of butterscotch and brown sugar with each and every sip.

High Tide

High Tide is our light roast from Costa Rica. Smooth, light and well balanced. This is truly a well-rounded single-origin coffee.


Our dark roast Sumatra from Indonesia features a sweet, strong, earthy taste and has notes of chocolate. This is the absolute perfect coffee to pair with dessert.

Sunday Morning

Bright and sweet, Sunday Morning is the perfect coffee for its namesake. With origins from Kenya, every sip reveals hints of a nutty, almond taste.
Coffee Bean

truly out of this world

Crescent Coffee has a taste like no other. Each single-origin coffee is distinctive and curated with passion, persistence, and patience. With a multitude of flavors and a wide range of roasts and origins, there’s a cup of Crescent Coffee for everyone.

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As a *former* Starbucks ice coffee addict, the dark roast blows it out of the water. Crescent Coffee Dark roast is the best coffee I’ve ever had. Now all I can do is compare other coffees to crescent coffee and they just don’t compare.

-Christine S

I thought I knew good coffee until I had Crescent coffee. And now I’m completely blown away. It has nothing on chains or big-name companies. I can’t start my day any other way other than crescent coffee. I highly recommend it to everyone I know.

- Zenia O

I have been a coffee drinker for many years…typically drinking 4 cups everyday. My afternoon coffee is reserved for a time for a few minutes of rest and relaxation. I just tried your Sunday Morning coffee (even though it was on a Tuesday! on an afternoon break.. Just want to let you know that I love the taste of Sunday Morning…so smooth, and rich but not too rich. An even taste…love it!

- Cathy S

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